Warcraft Rumble Best Tirion Fordring Deck Build

warcraft rumble

Warcraft Rumble is the latest phone game from Blizzard Entertainment. This is a card game where you need to deploy units strategically and take over enemies’ towers to win the battle. There are various types of character cards and leaders available.

The leaders are the mighty units around which you need to create a deck of 6 other characters to win the battle easily. One of the best leaders you can find in the game is Tirion Fordring. Below you will find a brief guide on one of the best deck builds for this leader in PvP and PvE mode.

Warcraft Rumble Best Tirion Fordring Deck Build

In a deck, you can have up to 6 cards and a leader. These cards require a certain amount of gold to deploy on the battlefield. One of the best Tirion Fordring builds you can use in PvP and PvE are:

S.A.F.E Pilot – This character can be deployed anywhere on the map and deal with area elemental damage. As Tirion acts as a tank, if enemies have deployed multiple small characters like Chicken and Skeleton, using the safe pilot can defeat them instantly helping your leader along the way. The best talent you can use for this character is the Gnomish Cloaking device, after the area damage, when the ranged unit is deployed it will be invisible till it attacks and will double damage while being invisible.

Gryphon Rider – This character targets a single unit and throws hammers at enemies. While it can deal heavy damage, it is weak against squad units. The best way to deploy this will be behind the leader Tirion. The best talent you can have for this character is the “Might Throw”. This talent increases the attack range of Gryphon Rider by +3.

Abomination – This character is quite tanky and has high HP that can be deployed in front of Tirion. As Tirion has a healing ability, defeating Abomination quickly won’t be possible by enemies. This character can also tank the tower damage, giving your other characters ample time to take over the tower. The best skill you can use for this character is “Noxious Presence” which poisons nearby enemies every 3 seconds or “Cannonball” which stuns enemies for 5 seconds when deployed and at 50% health.

Blizzard – This is a spell card that slows down enemy movements and attack speed. It also deals elemental damage that is good against the armored unit. The talent you need to choose for this card is the “Cold Snap” that freezes enemies in a place for a few seconds.

Frostwolf Shaman – This character deals elemental damage that is strong against armored units and also heals friendly units. Combined with Tirion healing, your units will be tanky enough to overpower the enemy’s unit. The talent you can choose for this character is the “Earth Shield” that grants armor to a nearby ally.

Murloc Tidehunter – These units are fast, agile, and can provide a great backup to tank units. This character is weak against area damages but if deployed correctly behind your tank unit it can deal heavy damage to enemies. The talent you can choose for this card is the “Safety Bubble” that blocks the first enemy attack.

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