Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Unlock Queen Iseria Fight

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, players have the choice of playing as either Claude or Rena. The journey unfolds and concludes in different ways based on the choices made. While there are ten other playable characters in the game, the player can only recruit six of them to complete their eight-member party. Certain recruitment choices may render other characters unavailable. The gameplay in The Second Story is largely similar to that of most RPGs.

In this walkthrough, we’ll provide guidance on how to accomplish several key objectives, including obtaining the Silver Trumpet, composing ‘The Devil’s Aria,’ defeating Queen Gabriella Celesta, and earning the ‘Raptorus Angel’ trophy.

Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Unlock Iseria Queen Fight & Raptorus Angel Trophy.

Follow these three main steps:

  1. Obtain the Silver Trumpet from the boss in the Maze of Tribulations B13.
  2. Use the Silver Trumpet to compose ‘The Devil’s Aria.’
  3. Defeat Queen Gabriella Celesta and acquire the trophy.

Upon being defeated, Gabriella Celesta commends your team with a melancholic yet resolute tone, pleading for salvation. She insists that this can only be achieved when she and her twin/doppelganger are both defeated and deceased, allowing them to depart from this world. As such, it is presented as a request and you will obtain the Silver Trumpet from her.

Once you have obtained the trumpet, access the menu tab and select the character with level 10 skills in Music. Within the menu tab, there are two specific options: ‘compose’ and ‘perform.’ Choose ‘compose‘ first and select the ‘Silver Trumpet‘ as your instrument.

This automatically composes ‘The Devil’s Aria.’ Next, return to the menu and access the ‘perform‘ tab. Choose ‘The Devil’s Aria‘ as your music and select a level 10 song to play the background music. After that, access the ‘Specialty‘ tab and select ‘Music.’

Playing the music renders you eligible to confront the Iseria queen. If you manage to defeat her, you will be rewarded with the ‘Raptorus Angel’ trophy.

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