Star Ocean The Second Story R- How To Unlock Classified Secret Files

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R, even though you might complete and defeat the main boss, there are a few events and secrets that will be still out of reach from your grasp. If we have visited North City’s Library in Energy Nede, we would know that there is Classified Information that is not accessible and protected from some form of encryption. If you are wondering how to access and unlock the Classified Secret Files, then this guide is for you.

How To Access Classified Information AKA Secret Files In Star Ocean The Second Story R?

To unlock the Classified Information aka secret files, you will need to complete and follow the directions as written:

  • First, complete the Main Story Events of the Symbological Weapons Laboratory.
  • Next, Fast Travel to North City—–> City Streets—–> Entrance.
  • Enter the North City’s Library/Database and talk to the NPC “Operator“.
  • Select “Classified Information“.

It would seem that there is a form of encryption protecting this sensitive data. To unlock the “Secret Files” i.e. Classified Information, you will need to follow these instructions:

  • Go to Princebridge Town and enter Princebridge’s University.
  • Talk to Professor Parel.
  • Next, talk to Leifath on the 2nd Floor.
  • Next, talk to Chisato at “The Centropolis of Nede” in “City Hall” who will be found on the 3rd Floor. (Enter PA mode if already recruited)
  • Exit the city and return back to have a conversation with Chisato again.
  • Return to the North City and enter the North City Library.
  • Talk to the NPC “Operator” and select “Classified Information“.

This will allow you to access the “Classified Information” menu but to unlock the projects and reports, you will need to gain more access. To do that, you will need to;

  • Go to Princebridge Town and enter Princebridge’s University.
  • Visit Leifath and have a conversation with him.
  • Tell him” the access code.

After a series of conversations, talk to him again and he will pull up the files of Classified Information. However, it will be limited to the Project Proposal and Research Report’s file. Once you have completed reading all the files in these two projects, the final reports i.e. Incident Report and Post Fact Report will be listed. These reports will not be accessible unless you follow the instructions as mentioned:

  • Inform Professor Parel about the incident and he will give you Pandora’s Box.
  • Talk to Leifath and exit the Princebridge Town.
  • Next, enter Princebridge Town and University again to talk with Leifath and access the final two reports.

Here’s all you need to do in order to access the Classified Information that contains Secret Files in it. For more informative guides on Star Ocean The Second Story R, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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