Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Take Gabriel Limiter Off

star ocean the second story r

Star Ocean The Second Story R returns with a powerful storyline, multiple endings, and numerous new quests and subquests, complemented by impressive graphics and enjoyable gameplay.

  • Step 1: Head to Kurik and switch to PA mode. Watch Philia’s cutscene in the town square.
  • Step 2: Complete the game.
  • Step 3: After finishing the game, visit Centroplis, switch to PA mode, and watch Philia’s event in the main building.
  • Step 4: Limiter is now off.

Below you will find a brief detailed guide on how to remove Gabriel Limiter

Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Take Gabriel Limiter Off & Unlock Achievement The Destroyer’s Truth

To unlock Gabriel’s enhanced abilities, start by observing the Private Action event in Kurik, where Philia warns the city’s residents to evacuate. After completing the game, load the last save file with the star sign. Depart from Phynal and observe another Private Action event in Centropolis. Here, encounter Philia in the lobby of the main building.

Engage in a conversation with Philia during this event. As a result, Gabriel’s limiter will be removed, significantly enhancing his power beyond its original capabilities.

It is strongly recommended to level up your character before confronting Gabriel in his enhanced state. Aim for a minimum level of 120 or higher. Explore the Maze of Tribulations to effectively level up. Now you can visit the Phynal dungeon 8F and interact with Gabriel to fight him without the limiter. Defeating him will unlock an achievement called “The Destroyer’s Truth”.

Furthermore, if you are in the process of removing limiters, completing the secret files mini-quest and exploring the challenging endgame dungeon, known as the Cave of Trials, will further boost your character’s capabilities. This will prepare you for the formidable battle against Gabriel. Overcoming him will earn you the destroyer’s truth guide.

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