Star Ocean The Second Story R- Early Game Skills To Upgrade

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R, if you are a new player then this game might seem too overwhelming due to so many options you have in this game. This will start to ease in as you keep on playing and understanding each and every feature/menu. There are a few starter skills that you cannot miss to Improve in order to miss out on all the goodies and XPs, the game has to provide. Therefore if you are worrying about what skills you need to level up due to a limited amount of SP, you have with respect to the number of skills, then we have your back for you.

Early Game Skills To Upgrade In Star Ocean The Second Story R

After starting the game and selecting a character, you will be allowed to upgrade/improve your skills. Under IC/Specialty Skills, there are a few important skills that you will need to be aware of. The important skills are listed below as per priority:

  1. Determination: Lowers SP needed for all skills.
  2. Purity: Each improvement will drop you Fol.
  3. Effort: Lowers the XP needed to level up.

Other than these skills such as Taste will be required for Cooking. Whereas Biology would be required to unlock Fishing. These are also important skills that you should consider having due to their multi-purpose use.

Animal Training and Whistling are required to unlock Bunny Call which is a type of mount that ignores any enemy and terrain. Art and Danger Sense are always useful, so you can’t neglect them. Putting a few points is all you need in these.

Pickpocketing is important and you might want to consider leveling it up. However, it is not recommended to upgrade it to the max. Improve your Courage, and Poker Face skills to a certain extent in order to at least perform pickpocketing after acquiring Thief’s Gloves. As you would save and load whenever you are pickpocketing, it should not be considered to level it up max early on.

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