Star Ocean The Second Story R- All Raid Enemy Location

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R we are indulged in the Item Creation Menu which allows your party to tackle any enemies that cross your path. At the time when you think that you are invincible and strong, there would be someone in the world who will surpass your limitations and definition of strong.

The raid bosses are one of the toughest enemies you will encounter and the rewards dropped are nonetheless precious and powerful if you manage to defeat them. So, if you are searching for the ominous beings who are lurking somewhere in the shadows then fret not as we have shown all the raid enemy’s locations in this guide.

All Raid Enemy Location In Star Ocean The Second Story R

There are a total of 13 Raid enemies collectively found in both Expel and Energy Nede whom you can find and fight against to get unique and powerful items as mentioned below. Check the image for the reference.

Star Ocean The Second Story R

1. Ultra Ogre

RewardRoaring Burst Puncher


  • Special Art Damage +200%
  • M{P costs +200%
  • Can spend HP to use special arts if MP is too low.
Stats of Roaring Burst Puncher
  • ATK- +2400
  • HIT- +50
  • AVD- +50
  • LUC- +50
  • CRT- +20

2. Ultra Ghark

Reward- Valkyrie’s Bracelet


  • Retaliate with flames when hit by physical attacks.
Stats of Valkyrie’s Bracelet
  • DEF- +100
  • AVD- +120

3. Ultra Wizard

Reward- Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy


  • MP +1 and INT +1 every time a battle skill triggers.
Stats of Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
  • ATK- +500
  • HIT- +50
  • INT- +950
  • LUC- +50

4. Ultra Crimson Beast

Reward- Glorious Thorn


  • Perform additional attacks with roses when using special arts.
Stats of Glorious Thorn
  • ATK- +2200
  • HIT- +50
  • CRT- +30

5. Ultra Aulbear

Reward- Hachimentei


  • All attacks are now critical hits.
Stats of Hachimentei
  • ATK- +3000
  • HIT- +50
  • GUTS- +80

6. Ultra Phantom Phoenix

Reward- Battle Suit


  • None
Stats Of Ultra Phantom Phoenix
  • DEF- +500
  • GUTS- +50

7. Ultra Rock Demon

Reward- Valiant Shield


  • Retaliate with stars when hit by physical attacks.
Stats of Ultra Rock Demon
  • DEF- +120
  • AVD- +120

8. Ultra Untrained Assassin

Reward- Scumbag Slayer


  • Instantly kill all enemies with “scum” in their name.
Stats Of Ultra Untrained Assassin
  • ATK- +1
  • CRT- +40

Star Ocean The Second Story R


1. Ultra Phantom Knight

Reward- Ring Of The Deep King


  • ATK +50%
Stats Of Ring Of The Deep King
  • No benefit to stats

2. Ultra Takikodus

Reward- Symbol of Antiquity


  • 100% chance to block status ailments.

3. Ultra Darth Widow

Reward- Soul Helmet


  • None
Stats Of Soul Helmet
  • DEF- +80

4. Ultra Robinette Captain

Reward- Formation Manual “Defense


  • Enables use of the formation “Astral Shift”.

Under Tactics—–> Formation—–> Astral Shift

Improvement Bonus:
  • DEF 20% up.
  • AVD 20% up.
  • Acquiring spheres restores MP.

5. Ultra Whelp

Reward- Secret Manual “Weight


  • Enables learning of the combat skill “Heavy Hitter”.

Under Improve—–> Combat Skills—–> Heavy Hitter

Improvement Bonus:
  • Increases shield damage.
  • Effect chance up.

The raid bosses are not easier than you thought! Is it? Well if you are interested in more informative guides on Star Ocean The Second Story R, check the link listed below the description:

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