Genshin Impact- Surging Sacred Chalice Refine Material Location

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, the new quest “In The Wake of Narcissus” after the 4.2 update has made all the players run back to their feet. After the questline is completed, you will obtain a 4-star powerful sword i.e. “Sword of Narzissenkreuz“. To refine it, you will need a specific material i.e. Surging Sacred Chalice. How and where can you farm this refinement material?

Surging Sacred Chalice Refinement Material For Sword of Narzissenkreuz In Genshin Impact

To get Surging Sacred Chalice refinement material, you must check your Quest Items. Under Quest items, you will find the Drained Conch Cup in your possession. There are 4 Drained Conch Cups which you will find eventually. The description of the Drained Conch Cup says that “it will be traced back to an even older civilization“. Where is the older civilization?

Go to the underwater teleport waypoint in Annapausis, Fontaine, and dive down deep to see a fountain. If you have completed the questline “In The Wake of Narcissus” and obtained the Sword of Narzissenkreuz then it will react when you make contact with the fountain. After interacting with “A Little Fountain“, there will be an option to “Offer up the Drained Conch Cup“. Select the option to offer the Drained Conch Cup.

The radiant auric glow pools within delivers you a Surging Sacred Chalice. Offer all the Drained Conch Cup to the fountain and you will have all the refinement material for the Sword of Narzissenkreuz. For more informative guides on Genshin Impact, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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