Genshin Impact- Orthant’s Puzzle Solution, Muse’s Mother Quest

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact 4.2 update there is a new World Quest introduced i.e. Search in the Algae Sea in Fontaine. The part of the questline Muse’s Mother requires you to Find the Seal. The description of the quest is to Trace and find the Narzissenkreuz Ordo’s seals. On the way to find and get the seal, you will have to solve an Orthant’s puzzle. What is the simple solution of Orthant’s puzzle?

Genshin Impact Orthant’s Puzzle Solution Of Muse’s Mother World Quest

Teleport to the travel waypoint Statues of The Seven- Hydro in Morte Region, Fontaine. Enter the cave and make your way down to advance forward and reach the Orthant’s puzzle. There will be a small gameplay tutorial or explanation of what you need to do.

Your task is to guide all the energy i.e. flowing into the large machine in the middle of the ruins. Defeat the enemies to perform the task without any disturbance. Next, there are a total of 2 devices that need to juice up the large machine in the middle.

1st Device

1st device is accessible. All you need is to defeat the enemies and operate the device to let its energy flow into the large device in the middle.

2nd Device

2nd device will be locked behind the bar. You will need to shoot at a diamond-shaped crystal to deactivate the clamp. Once it’s deactivated, pour energy on the wheel to rotate and lift up the eye. As soon as you stop pouring energy on the wheel, shoot the diamond-shaped crystal to activate the clamp or lock.

This will unlock the lift. All you need to do is go down and enter the chamber ahead to release the energy flow that is stored in the device. This will power up the device situated in the lift. Once it’s powered up, go up and Release the energy to complete the puzzle.

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