Genshin Impact- How To Reach Hydro Tulpa Monster Location

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, the new addition of monster Hydro Tulpa, Awakened Egregore has created a commotion in the 4.2 update. Players are searching for its location which is well hidden in the Fontaine Region. As this boss needs to be revisited who drops a certain item that will be used to ascend Furina. Without any delay, let’s learn what you need to do quickly.

How To Find And Reach Hydro Tulpa Monster Location At Genshin Impact

As mentioned earlier, eliminating the Boss Hydro Tulpa drops a certain item known as Water that Failed to Transcend mainly. Reaching the boss’s location and unlocking the travel waypoint close to it is essential for farming. Therefore, you will need to unlock the travel point closest to its location.

Travel to the Court of Fontaine and move towards Elynas. Dive underwater to reveal underwater waypoints. The closest location you will need to travel would be Chemin de L’Espoir in Fontaine. Unlock this travel waypoint or even a waypoint close to it such as Annapausis can be used. Ultimately you will need to go to the edge of the Chemin de L’Espoir towards the West side of the map.

Genshin ImpactTaking reference from the image, enter the tunnel opening and swim underwater to discover the teleport waypoint after touching the ground. Defeat the boss Hydro Tulpa and farm the desired item.

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