Genshin Impact- Hidden Teleport & Rusty Rudder Cannon Puzzle

Genshin ImpactIn Genshin Impact, the 4.2 update has introduced a whole new region, world quests, and needless to say farming sources. However, wandering in the Tevya, players might be searching for a hidden teleport waypoint or to solve the questions asked by “The Rusty Rudder” Second Mate, Permingeat. Both are intertwined together as you can break the obstacle i.e. blocking you to discover the teleport waypoint that was located under the mountain. Therefore without any further ado, let’s answer her question!

Hidden Teleport And The Rusty Rudder Cannon Puzzle At Genshin Impact

Genshin ImpactOnce you reach the location as shown in the image above, you will find a shipwreck “The Rusty Rudder“. Board and reach towards the Cannon at the front. The second mate, Permingeat will ask you three questions namely,

Q1: How many tables are there in The Rusty Rudder?

A1: Three.

Q2. How many employees do we have in The Rusty Rudder?

A2: Three.

Q3: What is not served in The Rusty Rudder?

A3: Romaritime Flower.

Once you have successfully answered the following questions, you will be able to use the Cannon and fire at the mountain. After blowing out the whole section, you can discover the waypoint and if it was your last teleport waypoint that you needed to complete the achievement “Font of All Waters (3)“, then you are in luck.

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