Star Ocean The Second Story R- How To Get Santa’s Boots

star ocean the second story rThere are a number of items in Star Ocean The Second Story R that you can own. The majority of the items will not be used but there is no harm in owning it and trying different shenanigans. Santa’s Boots is one of the most expensive items you can get that can be sold to earn lots of fortune. Even farming items are possible with Santa’s Boots if you have obtained it early on. Therefore, if it caught your attention then we have explained all the methods by which you can get Santa’s Boots in this guide.

How To Get Santa’s Boots In Star Ocean The Second Story R

Santa’s Boots is an Accessory item that when equipped has an effect that increases a small chance of obtaining random rarity items while staying at inns. It is a nice process of farming items for exchanging a few Fols in return for high-value items that can be sold to the vendors.

There are a total of 3 ways that can be practiced in order to get Santa’s Boots:

  • Firstly, there are Santa’s Boots listed as a reward in Bunny Racing at the Fun City. However, the odds of winning Santa’s Boots are unstable and pretty low.
  • Secondly, you will need to enter Expel and spawn in Arlia Town. In this town, the house on the left will have a couple and a kid. Approach the kid with a malicious intent to pickpocket from an innocent kid. Well, it’s his fault that he holds a “Santa’s Boots“.
  • Finally, you can purchase “Santa’s Boots” from the Santa NPC. It is one of the most expensive items you can purchase in the game. Santa NPC can be found at the secret post-game dungeon’s Floor 6.

The best and guaranteed way to get Santa’s Boots is to pickpocket the small kid in Arlia. Sorry Kid! Maybe Santa will give you another pair if you are not naughty next Christmas. For more informative guides on Star Ocean The Second Story R, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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