Star Ocean The Second Story R How to get Infinite Fol (Money)

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, Fol is not a problem you will face late game. You will find plenty of items and equipment you can sell to make a lot of Fol. To get an infinite supply of FOL you need to upgrade two skills and obtain one item by completing the challenges. After that, you are good to start your infinite Fol trick. Below you will find a brief walkthrough to get an infinite amount of FOL.

Star Ocean The Second Story R How to get Infinite Fol

To make Infinite FOL, you need to upgrade your cooking and replication skills to level 10. Once cooking is level 10, you will complete a challenge mission and obtain the Magic Rice. Save the game before using the Magic Rice. Upon using this item, you will obtain one of our food items.

The food item you are looking for is the Heavenly Doria. If you don’t get this item while consuming the magic rice, you can reload the save file and try again. Now you need to visit any shop and buy an item called “Magic Film“. This item is used to replicate item creation.

Now all you need to do is replicate the food item Heavenly Doria with a character that has a high success rate. After replicating, you need to sell all your Heavenly Doria except 1. Keep this one to replicate more using the Magic Film and keep repeating this process to make infinite FOL.

The selling price of one Heavenly Doria 38100 FOL, so after selling 15-19x of this item you will make a ton of FOL. The buying price of one magic film is 900 FOL and at one time you can have up to 20 magic films. So you will need at least 18000 FOL to buy 20x magic film.

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