Roblox Blade Ball How To Get The Aurum Etherius Sword

Roblox Blade Ball

In Roblox Blade Ball, players need to deflect the ball and send it towards their opponent. Unable to deflect the ball will result in the player’s death. To find out that the ball is coming towards you, check its color. If it’s turned red, it will be your turn to deflect. There are various types of swords available in this game. One such sword is the Ether Blade. Below you will find a brief guide on how to get this sword and upgrade it to Aurum Etherius Sword.

Roblox Blade Ball How To Get The Aurum Etherius Sword & Dual Aurum Etherius Sword

Aurum Etherius Sword and Dual Aurum Etherius Sword is the upgraded version of the Ether Sword and Dual Wield Ether Sword. To get the upgraded version, you have to purchase the normal version first. You can do this by entering the game and on the right side you will find a shop that has both swords.

You can check that both swords have an upgraded version by going into the skills option and then selecting the sword menu. There scroll down to the bottom to find the Ehter and Dual Wield Ether sword. Upon clicking on any one of them you can find that these swords have an upgraded version that is extremely rare to get.

As the game doesn’t give any hint or option to buy the upgraded version to get them you need to use the spin wheel by using Robux. Each spin costs 99 Robux and 10x spin will cost 799 Robux. Each time you spin the wheel there is a 2% chance you will obtain the upgraded version of the sword.

Before spinning the wheel make sure you have the base version of the swords. The cost of the single Ether blade will be 399 Robux, while the cost of the Dual Wield Ether Blade will be 3499 Robux.

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