Cities Skylines 2 Increase High Density Demand & Land Value

Cities Skylines 2

In Cities Skylines 2, there are different types of land zones. At the bottom left side of the game, you can find the bars of each type of zone your city needs. The demand for the high-density area depends on the land value. You need to increase the land value of an area by providing all types of services. The education level is important for a person to switch from a low-density area to a high-density area. Below you will find a brief guide on how to increase the land value and increase high-density demand.

Cities Skylines 2 How To Increase High-Density Demand

When a person becomes educated, they will move to a place where they could take up a high-paying job. With high-paying jobs, they could spend it on different recreational activities and would like to stay in a high-density residential area that offers these activities.

Hospitals, police stations, fire departments, and buildings like these offer services to the citizens nearby thus increasing the the land value. Just like in the real world, a person would love to stay at a place that has all the services available nearby. Thus increasing the land value and the demand for high-density residential areas.

Education is one of the most important things you need to take care of. You need to build schools, high schools, colleges, and universities for a person to become highly educated. The highly educated person will shift places looking for new opportunities and better-paying jobs.

The people with better-paying jobs will drive up the demand for office buildings and other services like cinemas, parks, and shopping malls. Spending money on these services will also make the economy better. An educated person with a high-paying job will pay more taxes than a non-educated unemployed person.

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