Star Ocean The Second Story R- OP Invincible Solo Claude Build

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R, you might never know what is coming next. With a perfect set or combination of equipment and gear, Claude can solo kill everyone in the game. It is one of the broken and Invincible builds in the late-game. Try it on yourself and feel how overpowered your character can become in the remake version.

OP Invincible Solo Claude Build For Star Ocean The Second Story R

The broken and most overpowered build for Claude is mentioned below which requires satisfying only 2 of these conditions i.e. a piece of equipment, and a Factor. After unlocking the Surpass Damage Limit, Claude will make everyone seem like a movable target in the game who is incapable of dealing any damage.


Bloody Armor is a cursed suit of armor that feeds on the wearer’s life according to the in-game description. The effect of this armor is that “HP depletes continuously, but gains invincibility until it runs out“. Check how to get it in here.

Now all we need is to take care of the HP depletion. This can be negated by adding a Factor to your main weapon i.e. “HP Drain“. This allows your character to convert 20% of the damage inflicted to HP which is basically a life-steal effect. So, as long as there are enemies, you are not getting any single ounce of damage in combat due to the armor, and your HP is replenished due to the “HP Drain” Factor.

How To Get “HP Drain” Factor?

Save the game before you proceed into the Item Creation as you can load it back if you are not satisfied with your product and do not want to lose all the equipment in process. As guessed, select IC/Specialty Menu, and go to the Super Specialty Tab. Under Super Specialty, select Remaking to add factors to your main equipment.

Under the Weapons tab, select Claude’s main weapon in this case. A Re-Creation Gem will be required in this process so make sure you have possession of it in your Inventory. Next under Characteristic Trend maximize the Support Trend. HP Drain is a support Factor, so you will have to focus on Support Trend.

To maximize the Support Trend it is recommended to add unused Armors. Even Healing items can be used to increase the Support Trend. Once the Chance Of Factors Applied is 100%, begin Remaking. If you are not lucky, you can always reload the game which is why it is important to save beforehand.

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