Star Ocean The Second Story R- Invincible Party Build Late Game

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R we found the most broken party build in the game which will make all of your party Invincible and Deathless. The build involves a specific armor i.e. Bloody Armor equipped on all party members. If you do not have a sufficient amount of Bloody Armor for your party then check this guide. Nevertheless, let’s dive into one of the most broken builds of the game.

Invincible Party Build For The Late Game In Star Ocean The Second Story R

Bloody Armor will deplete HP constantly which is irrelevant to the percentage of HP which means, the depletion rate will remain the same even for the max HP or low HP capacity. Therefore it is recommended to be used in late game. This will take care of the incoming damage and negate it completely.

The next thing you require is to compensate for the constant depletion of HP. Recruit and use Opera in the build for her AOE Healing ability i.e. Healing Star. If you do not have Opera, you can still use Rena for her AOE healing. However, Rena can’t use Bloody Armor, so it is recommended to have Opera at your party.

Take control over your Healer i.e. Opera as you will have to manually use the AOE healing spell to heal your party members when they reach the HP threshold up to 30-40%. For the battle that might stretch for a long duration, make sure you have prepared MP recovery items. Even equipment that reduces MP cost and enhances MP recovery is always recommended to make this build work more efficiently.

That’s it, now you have created a party that negates any incoming damage and can only deal one-sided damage to any enemies. If you are interested in a broken Claude build that can solo any enemy, then we have a guide already posted. Check that out along with other Star Ocean The Second Story R guides i.e. mentioned below:

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