Star Ocean The Second Story R- How To Return To Expel?

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R there is a virtual reality world known as Expel. As from the previous version of the game, we have learned that Expel is an Earth-like planet where Expellians reside and have an appearance similar to Earthlings. To explore and return to the expel, the action required is much different than the original version of the Star Ocean The Second Story. Here’s what you need to know about it all!

How To Return To Expel In Star Ocean The Second Story R?

To return to expel in the remake version you will first need to complete the main story which means you will need to defeat the final boss. After this you would get the credit scene and the options to save the game, so save it.

Once you have saved the game return to the Main Menu and load the saved game. The post-game save is special and is marked by the game as a star. Just load the game and you will reach Phynal which is the last saved checkpoint.

From here you will find that the fast travel option is unlocked, so enter the guide map and travel to Fun City. In Fun City enter the theme park and then head straight towards Colleseum, go past the Arena Reception Desk, and into the Arena.

Once inside the arena go left until you find an old man in green clothes. Interact with him and select  “Yes, please“; this will send you to Arlia. If you want to return back to Fun City Arena then just interact
with the purple penguin on the right side of the house when you first arrive in Arlia. interact with the penguin and select “Dumdum…you’re an idiot!“. This will wake you up from the virtual reality world.

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