Star Ocean The Second Story R- How To Get Goodie Boxes Early

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R, there are tons of useful items that you can get in the early phase of the game if you know how. Goodie Boxes are one of the important items as they contain a very nice supply of items for your character and party members. There is a way in which you can farm Goodie Boxes very easily from the start of the game. Here’s what you need to do!

How To Get Goodie Boxes Early In Star Ocean The Second Story R?

The method we have explained can get you multiple Goodie Boxes in no time. All you need to do is play the game till you have unlocked IC/Specialty Menu. In Krosse City, there would be a vendor or shop “The Rare Trinket” that sells an item which you need to stock and use specifically.

Before that, you will need to learn “Art” under the Item Creation menu. To unlock Art, you will be required to Improve the IC/Specialty Skills of any party member whose Determination is at max, so it will cost less SP to upgrade. Improve Art to Levels 4-5 in order to start farming Goodie Boxes.

From the Shop “The Rare Trinket“, purchase all the Magic Clay that will be used in Item Creation. Under IC/Specialty Menu, select “Art” in Item Creation and Create Strange Goods. In the Creation List, you will have a chance to get Goodie Boxes which you can farm till you have plenty of desired items for the whole party.

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