Roblox Slap Battles- How To Get Alchemist’s Hood

Blox FruitsRoblox Slap Battles is a multiplayer game where players equip different types of gloves to amuse and showcase their abilities and slap them into oblivion. Each glove has unique abilities and requires slap points to unlock and wield it. That is not all, there are gloves that require a specific badge to own in order to unlock Gloves. If you are interested in unlocking Alchemist’s Hood for free, check this guide.

How To Get Alchemist’s Hood In Roblox Slap Battles?

To unlock an Alchemist’s Hood which is an event item i.e. time limited to showcase and intimidate the prowess of your avatar. Initially, you will need to unlock Alchemist Glove which requires you to infect 10 unaffected players with Plague Glove and eliminate them to get the “Containment Breach” Badge.

It can be obtained in a Private server where each player can coordinate and help each other to get the “Containment Breach” Badge. Once you have Alchemist Glove unlocked and equipped, enter the arena.

While using Alchemist Glove, collect the ingredients i.e.

  • 1x Blood Rose
  • 1x Dark Root
  • 1x Elder Wood
  • 1x Jade Stone
  • 3x Wild Vine

Once you have the required ingredients, summon the Cauldron and put these ingredients in the Cauldron. Once it is complete, click the spoon to obtain a Potion. Drink the potion and it will teleport you to a different Unknown World.

Play the Tower Defense game and survive toll Wave 8 to complete the game. Now on the top of the pedestal or ground, you can find an Alchemist Hood pop out after you have successfully defended Wave 8. Click on the Alchemist Hood to obtain the Event Limited item.

For more informative guides on Slap Battles, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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