My Time At Sandrock How To Get Graphite & Granite

My Time At Sandrock

In My Time At Sandrock, there are various types of minerals that are used to craft machines and items. These minerals can be obtained by mining raw minerals and dirt inside the ruins. Two such minerals that are most required in the game are Graphite and Granite. Below you will find a brief guide on where to find both these minerals.

My Time At Sandrock How To Get Graphite

To get graphite, you need to progress in the game till you complete the quest to repair the train bridge. Once you have completed that you will unlock a new area with a new minerals deposit. Break the raw minerals using your pickaxe to find Graphite.

You can also visit the Gecko station ruins. Inside the ruins, you can mine the dirt to find graphite. Graphite is mostly used in the Furnace to make Steel Bars. You can also craft filtration cores and Gunpowder using Graphite.

How To Get Granite

To get granite, you will have to go towards the east side of the Sandrock towards Grand Mesa. This area will be filled with poisonous gas and to access this area, you will need a protective suit. You will obtain the blueprint of a protective suit by completing the “The Missing Leak” mission. Using this suit you will be able to explore the poisonous area. Progres the game, till you reach the main quest “Clear the Air”.

Once the area is cleared, you can visit the Valley Of Whispers. There you will find some yellow color raw yellow minerals that you need to break using your Pickaxe. These nodes will give you granite that can be made into granite tiles and granite slabs. These slabs are used to craft Intermediate Forging Machine and Advance Cooking Station.

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