Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Level Up Fast

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, to level up your characters you have to defeat monsters and gain EXP points. These EXP points are shared between all your party members. The enemy’s damage scales up as you progress in the game, you need to increase your level to defeat them in battles quickly. By using the above below you will gain a lot of EXP and level up faster.

Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Level Up Fast

To level up fast and earn XP quickly you will need to improve a specialty skill called “Train“. Maxing out this skill will reduce your attributes but will give your character a massive Exp boost after defeating monsters. If you improve this skill for all your party members, you can unlock a super specialty skill called Enlightenment that grants you bonus SP and BP.

Once you have upgraded these simply get hold of one of the best early-game weapons which is Sword Of Marvels. After that, you need to obtain an item called Meteor Ring+. This ring will give you a +1 attack hit and with the Sword Of Marvel’s damage, you can easily defeat high-level monsters.

To get this ring, you need to complete a challenge mission where you need to break enemies shield 50 times. You can do this by unlocking the helmet break special arts. After obtaining the ring, you need to improve a skill called “Scouting”.

Using this skill you can raise the frequency of battle and gain a lot more EXP by clearing the chain of enemies. Then you can Korss cave and there near the save point, you can find the chain of enemies that you can defeat easily. Defeating the chain enemies will take you a minute and you will gain 1000+ EXP. You can also do this without obtaining the Sword Of Marvels.

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