Star Ocean The Second Story R- How To Get Ring Of Might

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R, there are numerous items and gears that you can obtain. Few even slip out of your mind, even though you know how to get it. The Ring Of Might is such an item that gives an advantage to the user i.e. wearing it with a debuff. If you want to learn how to get the Ring of Might and negate the debuff then read this post through the end.

How To Get Ring Of Might In Star Ocean The Second Story R

To get the Ring of Might first you will need to progress through the story until you get the flying transport vehicle. Then use the vehicle to reach The Centropolis of Nede, here you will need to visit the item shop.

Inside the item shop, you will need to buy Lezard’s Flask it’s priced at 120,000 but you can use the group appraising to reduce it. Lezard’s Flask allows users to create rare stones that they will need to craft the ring of might.

Once you have the Lezard’s Flask you will need a character who has the blessing of mana talent, just note that the blessing of mana talent can only be found on mage characters like Neol, Leon, and Rena. Furthermore, that mage character should also have level 8 Alchemy learned. Once you have selected the required character go to IC/Speciality menu and switch to IC then enter Alchemy, here you will need to craft Rainbow Diamonds which use the flask and iron.

After getting rainbow diamonds you will have to select a fighter character so just pick Claude then again go to IC/Specialty menu, switch to crafting, and then use the Rainbow Diamonds to create a Ring of Might. if you do not have high-level crafting on Claude it would be better to save the game and then craft so that if you don’t get the Ring Of Might then you can simply reload the last save and try again.

Ring of Might is one of the best items in the game as it doubles the attack of the character wearing it but it also makes the wearer weak to elemental attacks. However, you can remove this debuff by using a Reflecting Plate or Sacrificial Doll which removes any weakness of an item.

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