Star Ocean The Second Story R How to Get Ring of Lightspeed

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, there are various types of equipment you can obtain for your character. This equipment increases your character stats and gives some extra buffs too. One of the items that you should definitely obtain to deal massive damage to monsters is the “Ring Of Lightspeed”. This ring works the same as Meteor Ring+ but gives your character a better effect. Below you will find how to get the Ring Of Lightspeed and the effect it has on your character.

Star Ocean The Second Story R How to Get Ring of Lightspeed

To obtain the Ring of Lightspeed, you’ll need to progress further into the story until the mayor of Centropolis sends you to Fun City. Here, you must continue the storyline until you reach the point where you need to defeat two out of the ten wise men.

After this, head to Armlock, where you will need to protect Mirage from the third wise man. Once you rescue Mirage, leave Armlock. This action will trigger a PA (Personal Action) in Fun City. Head straight to Fun City and make your way towards the Arena.

Upon reaching the Arena, activate the PA mode, which will initiate a cutscene. At the end of the cutscene, you’ll find Mariana lying in a bed at the inn (Fullagio). Approach the bed and speak with her twice. Doing this will grant you a silver cross and the Ring of Lightspeed.

The Ring of Lightspeed is highly beneficial as it grants the user increased movement speed and +2 additional attack hits. Pairing it with high-damage weapons like Aeterna +, which deals double damage, can be particularly effective against high HP enemies.

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