Star Ocean The Second Story R How to Get Bloody Armor

star ocean the second story r

There are various types of armor you can obtain in Star Ocean the Second Story R. One of the best armor you could get a bit late game is the “Bloody Armor”. The Bloody armor is exceptionally powerful as it grants the user invincibility. Although it drains HP, you can mitigate the HP drain damage by healing or by using Opera Healing. There are currently two ways in the game through which you can craft Bloody armor. Below you will find a brief guide on both ways to obtain this armor.

Star Ocean The Second Story R How to Get Bloody Armor

The first method involves crafting it using Damascus in the blacksmith specialty. If you have not unlocked the blacksmith, you need to do so by leveling two characters to level 4 and one character to level 1 in Alchemy.

Before crafting it, make sure to save the game. Then, enter the IC/specialty menu and switch to the super specialty. Here, enter the blacksmith and use the Damascus to craft. Depending on your luck, you can either get the Bloody armor or receive blessed plate armor, a bloody helmet, or chaos mail. If you don’t get it, simply reload the game from the last save and repeat the crafting process until you are successful. You can use shark fin dumplings to increase the rare drop chance.

The second method involves progressing through the story and reaching the Centropolis. Just outside of the Centropolis, you will encounter several enemies. You will have to defeat them and hope to obtain the armor. You can use the scouting specialty to increase enemy spawns. Keep battling the enemies, and eventually, you will acquire the Bloody armor.

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