Star Ocean The Second Story R- How To Earn Fol (Money) Fast

star ocean the second story rIn Star Ocean The Second Story R, as we progress and go on an adventure; the party size will gradually increase. Each character needs to be equipped properly in order to make your playthrough simple and easy. However, the items are not so cheap. So, wanting and looking for various ways to farm or earn Fol is a no-brainer. We have listed the most easiest and possible farming methods that can be used from the early game. Here’s how!

How To Earn Fol (Money) Fast In Star Ocean The Second Story R

Earning Fol has never been easy but there is a way in which you can earn or farm so much money that you will not even have to worry about having not enough balance again. Most importantly, you will need to complete and unlock the Item Creation/Specialty menu.

Now, you can go to the Improve section, and select the IC/Specialty Skills option to pull down all the various skills each character has. Most importantly, you will need to max out your Determination skill to lower the SP needed to improve each skill. Next, most importantly upgrade the skill “Purity” for each character. Upgrading Purity will earn you Fol so you can cheese out all the money from all the characters that join your party.

Another way of simple farming at the beginning is to cook and sell food. Under the IC/Specialty menu, furthermore, under Item Creation (IC), unlock Cooking by learning the skill Taste. Go to the vendor in Krosse City, who will be selling Eggs and Dairy. Purchase all 20 because it is super cheap. Increase the success rate to 100% and then cook multiple foods from the basic ingredients Eggs and Dairy. Sell the food to the vendor and purchase more Eggs and Dairy to repeat this process.

At no time after doing these mentioned tricks, you will have a huge balance from the start of the game. For more informative guides on Star Ocean The Second Story R, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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