Little Goody Two Shoes- How To Get All Endings

Little Goody Two ShoesLittle Goody Two Shoes is a horror narrative adventure game where all the decisions made during your playthrough matter. In the bedroom, we all have seen the list that proposes that there are multiple endings that can be achieved. In this guide, we have explained in detail what you need to do in order to unlock all the endings.

How To Get All Endings In Little Goody Two Shoes?

There are a total of 10 endings that you can get in Little Goody Two Shoes. Each varies greatly depending on the choices you have made while building up the story. The list of Endings and how to unlock is mentioned below:

1. Moira

To achieve this ending, you will need to build your relationship to the max with Rozenmarine at this point. Next, hang out with her at the fair. After having a successful date with Rozenmarine, you will get the final offering. At night place all 3 offerings correctly and advance forward to enter the tree to get your wish. Let it play out without any interference to get this ending.

2. Treacherous Rose

To achieve this ending, you will need to have successfully built a relationship with Freya. On the day of the fair, during the date, you will get her Love Token. After collecting all the Gifts as mentioned in the Testament, successfully make an offering. Advance and enter the tree to get what you wish. Let the scream of Freya echo and you will get the Treacherous Rose ending.

3. Judas’ Kiss

Build your relationship to the max with Lebkuchen and date her on the final day i.e. Saturday. After successfully dating Lebkuchen, you will get the final offering i.e. her Love Token. At night place all 3 offerings correctly and advance forward to enter into his domain. Let the story and scream play out in horror without any interference to get Judas’ Kiss ending.

4. Apostasy

To achieve this ending, you will need to enter the church on the day of the fair. However, before that, you will need to secure these tasks during your playthrough:

  • Pick the Mysterious Note inside the church.
  • Examine the hole in between the rock at the crossroad.
  • Enter the cave and collect all 2 items i.e. found there and exit safely.
  • On Thursday (Dawn), enter the old windmill.
  • Solve the puzzle by breaking the Wooden Seraph into three pieces.
  • The Fish key will be obtained in the old windmill.
  • On the night, examine the Fish sculpture near the Town’s well using the Fish key.
  • In the cave solve a puzzle and you will find another key i.e. Old Tunnel Key.
  • The Old Tunnel Key will be used in the old windmill to access the tunnel ahead.
  • In the final room, you will find the Catacomb key ahead.
  • After the procession ends and during the day of the fair, enter the church. The door on the right-hand side will be open.
  • On the floor, examine and remove the floor carpet.
  • Use the Catacomb key to open the hatch and enter to get the ending.
5. Star-crossed

On the day of the fair, hang out with Rozenmarine and get the love token after going out with her. Place all the 3 offerings correctly and advance forward. Before entering the tree, you will have choices to select. Choose to fall back and think about your partner. This will get you a Star-Crossed ending.

6. Grape Jewel

On the day of the fair accompany Freya. After dating and getting the final piece of the offering i.e. her Love Token move to the woods. After placing all three required offerings or gifts, advance forward, and before entering select the options: “I might lose her“, and “I can’t go through with this“. This will get you a Grape Jewel ending.

7. Bells of Dawn

On the final day i.e. Saturday, accompany Lebkuchen after building up the relationship to the max. Get her Love Token and advance to the final area. After completing and placing all the offerings, advance forward to the entrance of the tree. Instead of going in, choose to show affection towards your partner and fall back. This will get you a Bells of Dawn ending.

8. The Kiss

On the day of the fair, even though you have not reached 5+ hearts with Rozenmarine after dating. Go to the woods to offer the final offering. Offer Tender Flesh, Sweetest Nectar, and as you do not possess her Love Token, place anything as an offering to get “The Kiss” ending.

9. Auto-da-fe

On the final day when the fair starts, you must select your date to be Freya or Lebkuchen. As you have not built a deep relationship and conquered 5 hearts, she will not give you her Love Token. At the offering, place anything in the place of Love Token to get the “Auto-da-fe” ending. Make sure the other two offerings are placed correctly except the Love Token.

10. Motherly Cocoon

You may or may not need to build a relationship with anyone to get this ending. To get this ending, date anyone you want during the fair and while giving the offering, make sure that you do not offer Tender Flesh and Sweetest Nectar. This will trigger the 10th ending i.e. “Motherly Cocoon“.

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