For The King 2 How To Multiplayer & Local Co-op

For The King 2

In For The King 2, you have the option to engage in the campaign mode with up to three other friends, with each player assuming control of a unique character. Initially, only five classes are accessible, and you can refer to our earlier guide HERE to learn how to unlock all classes. The game offers both online co-op and local co-op modes for an immersive experience with your companions. Below, we provide a concise guide on how to partake in online co-op and local co-op.

For The King 2: How to Play Multiplayer Co-op Online

To embark on this adventure with your friends, navigate to the multiplayer option on the main menu. Then, choose the “Create Adventure” option from the pop-up menu located at the bottom right. Here, you’ll be prompted to generate a password for the server and share the invite code with your friends.

Your companions can join your game by accessing the multiplayer option and selecting “Connect by Invite Code” instead of creating an adventure. If both you and your friends are playing through Steam, you can directly join their game from your friend list. As of now, crossplay is not available, as the game has solely been released on PC, with plans for availability on consoles in the near future.

For The King 2 How To Local Co-op

To play offline co-op or local co-op, you simply need to start the chapter and pass your controller to each player after their turn. Currently, it’s not possible to play local co-op with separate controllers. The developers are aware of this issue and have confirmed on the forum that the option for each player to have their controller in local co-op will be made available soon.

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