Star Ocean The Second Story R how to unlock pickpocketing early

star ocean the second story r

Star Ocean The Second Story R is a fantasy role-playing game developed by Square Enix. To unlock pickpocketing early in the game, you must have three things: nimble finger talent, upgrade your IC/Specialty Skills Poker Face, and Courage. Finally, get hold of one of the special gloves called Thief’s Glove.

Once you have acquired all the necessary skills and items required for pickpocketing, you will be able to steal items from NPC as well as from your own party members. Below you will find how to get nimble finger talent, improve poker face and courage skills, and find the Thief’s Glove.

Star Ocean The Second Story R Unlock Pickpocketing Early

When you start the game for the first time, you will be assigned a random set of talents. You can keep restarting the game till you get the “Nimble Fingers” talent for your character. To check your talent, you can skip the starting cutscenes and once you reach Arlia village, you will be able to check up on your talents.

Once you have the Nimble Finger talent, you need to progress the game till you visit the Krosse City and meet Celine. After that, you will be able to upgrade your IC/Specialty Skills. You can do so by opening the menu, going to the Improve option, and selecting “IC/Specialty Skills”. Inside you will find the Poker Face and Courage skills that you need to Improve.

Finally, you will have to get the Thief’s Glove which can be obtained from Antique Shop in Harley. But the cost of the glove will be 40,000 Fol. At this early in the game, you might not have this much Fol collected. To get Fol quickly, you can upgrade your Determination IC skills to max and then increase your Purity IC skill 4-5 times for each character.

Each time you upgrade your purity after determination, you will get Fol that increases with each purity level. Once you have collected 40,000 Fol, go to the Antique shop and buy the Thief’s Glove. After that visit the IC/Speciality menu and select the Pickpocketing option. There you need to turn Pickpocketing “On” and you will be able to start stealing items.

Pickpocketing might affect your party’s friendship points and to avoid that you need to use this skill cautiously. You can craft an item called “Muscat Jelly” that lets you pickpocket two times without affecting your friendship point.

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