Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Recruit Opera & Ernest

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, there are different types of NPC you will meet. Some of these NPC can be recruited by completing certain events. Two such characters that you might miss to recruit are Opera and Ernest. You need to follow certain steps else you might not be able to recruit Ernest. Below you will find the steps you need to follow to recruit both Opera and Ernest.

Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Recruit Opera & Ernest

To recruit Ernest, you must recruit Opera first to your team. To recruit Opera just after the tournament in Lacuer City, you need to visit the Hilton town location northwest of Lacuer. This is time time-limited event, so if you are planning to recruit Opera and Ernest you must complete these just after the tournament.

In the Hilton town visit the bar area and you will meet Opera for the first time. After interacting with Opera, visit the Krosse Castle and speak with the King. To speak to the king, you need to make an appointment from the receptionist. After interacting with the receptionist, go and visit the king who will tell you about a dungeon called Mountain Palace.

Inside the Mountain Dungeon, you will find Opera again and she will then offer to join your party. After that, you need to complete the Opera side quest before recruiting Ernest. Visit the lab inside the Mountain Dungeon by following the quest marker to find Ernest Lab.

Then go to the Sacred Forest just below Arlia. There you will see a small cutscene of Opera’s crashed ship. After that keep progressing the game till you reach Hoffman Ruins. After completing the Hoffman Ruins quest, while coming out you will have a small cutscene with Ernest and Opera. Then you will get an option to recruit both Opera and Ernest.

Note: This cutscene will only come up if you have visited the Sacred Forest and watched the small cutscene of Opera’s ship.

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