Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Get The AETERNA+

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, Aeterna+ is one of the best weapons you can have for the protagonist Claude. This weapon can launch stars as additional attacks during your normal attacks. While equipping the sword in the battle, your ATK, INT, and DEF will increase by a maximum 15% as your HP decreases. Below you will find a brief guide on how to obtain the best weapon for Claude Aeterna+

Star Ocean The Second Story R How To Get The Aeterna+

To get the sword Aeterna+ you need to progress in the story mode till you reach the second continent Lacuer City. In the city, you have to participate in a tournament as a part of the main quest and you need to reach the final. In the final, you will have to fight against Dias which you need to lose.

Make sure not to leave the town after the tournament or you won’t be able to obtain this sword. Come out of the castle, speak to the shopkeeper to get your tournament rewards, and then go towards the west by climbing up the flight of stairs. There you will find a house with a barrel and a ladder near it.

Inside the house, you will meet an NPC called Gamgee. Interact with him to get the deadly edge weapon. Once you obtain this weapon, you need to find 2 Mithrils. As Mithrils are rare items that are used to upgrade weapons, to find 2 Mithrils you need to improve your ESP IC/Specialty Skills.

Each time you improve the ESP skill you have a chance to get a random item. Make sure to save the game before improving the skill, as you can load the save file if you don’t get a Mithril in a random drop. Now you have to visit the customization menu and customize the deadly edge by combining it with a Mithril.

Depending on the customization level the success rate can vary and you need to make a save file before customizing the deadly edge. Once the customization is successful you will obtain the “Blade of Minos. You need to customize the Blade of Minos again with a Mithril and upon successful customization you will obtain the Aeterna+. Make sure to save the game before each customization.

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