Star ocean the second story r how to get 2 battle suits early 500 def

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, there are various types of armor you can equip your character to increase its defence. One of the best armor you can obtain early game is the “Battle Suit”. This armor gives your character +500 Defence. At the early stage of the game, you can obtain two battle suits by using pickpocketing Skills.

To obtain two battle suits early in the game, it is necessary to have Ernest enlisted in your team. This means the completion of the recruitment process for both Opera and Ernest. If you have yet to recruit them and require assistance, you can refer to the “How to Unlock Opera and Ernest” guide.

Star ocean the second story r How To Get The First Battle Suit

To acquire the first battle suit, venture to the town of Marze. Upon arrival, ensure to save the game (this step is crucial). Next, proceed to the library, identifiable by its red dome. Enter the premises and activate the PA mode. You will then need to pickpocket Ernest, with three attempts at your disposal. Succeeding in this endeavor will grant you the battle suit. Should you fail, do not fret; simply reload the last saved file and repeat the process until successful.

How To Get A Second Battle Suit

To secure the second battle suit, make your way to the town of Linga. Once there, repeat the identical procedure as executed in Marze. Save the game, visit the library, activate the PA mode, and engage in the pickpocketing of Ernest until you obtain the battle suit.

For a more efficient approach, it is advisable to improve your pickpocket skills, courage, and poker face. Doing so will significantly augment the likelihood of a successful pickpocket attempt. Check out some guides on this game:

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