Star Ocean The Second Story R All Character Recruitment Guide

star ocean the second story r

In Star Ocean The Second Story R, there is a total of 13 characters available out of which you can have a team of 8 members. During your gameplay, you will meet these characters and complete some of the events to be able to make them join your team. Below you will find the list of characters you might miss recruiting while playing the game and how to recruit them.

Star Ocean The Second Story R Recruit All Characters

How To Recruit Ashton

If you are planning to recruit Ashton, you won’t be able to recruit Opera or Ernest. To get Ashton to join your party, you need to first visit the Harley town. Near the entrance save point, you can find two NPC having a conversation about Salva mines and dragon.

After that, you need to visit Salva Town and enter the mine. Keep exploring the mines till the end and you will find Ashton fighting with two dragons. After a small cutscene, Ashton will ask you to take responsibility or not. Select “Take Responsibility” to make Ashton join your team. The location of Ashton and the twin head dragon will be inside the Salva mine just the bottom side of the save point.

How To Recruit Precis

If you are planning to recruit Precis, you won’t be able to recruit Bowman. On the second continent’s south side, you will find a town called Linga. You need to complete the PA quests and Precis will automatically ask you to join the team.

How To Recruit Welch

To recruit Welch progress the game till you reach the second continent Lacuer City. After the tournament ends, you need to visit Lacuer City again and near the castle entrance, you need to complete a PA event. During the event, Welch will offer the invitation to join your team.

How To Recruit Chisato

To recruit Chisato you need to visit the Centropolis Of Nede and from the main city hall, go towards the left side. There you will meet Chisato for the first time and with a small cutscene you will find her running away.

After that visit the North City by following the objective and in front of the item shop you will find Chisato again who will run away and fall down. Then progress the game till you reach the Cave of Crimson Crystals and go towards the left side, jump down the platform to reach under the bridge. There you will find another cutscene with Chisato falling down and dropping her ID card.

You need to pick up the ID card and visit the Centropolis main city hall from where you started. There go to the second floor and give Chisato her ID card. You can have a total of 8 members in your team, if you have any space left, you can recruit Chisato.

Note: You can check out our previous guide on How To Recruit Opera & Ernest. The other characters such as Celine, Bowman, and Noel will offer you to join during your main quest and are not missable. Dias is exclusive if you have chosen the main protagonist Rena. Leon is exclusive if you have chosen Claude as your main protagonist. 

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