For The King 2- How To Unlock All Traits & Its Effects

For The King 2For The King 2 is a tabletop turn-based RPG where death is not the end. The roguelike aspect of the game allows players to play the campaign and progress steadily unlocking new items and traits that can be viewed in Lore Store. If you are curious about how to unlock all the traits then we have mentioned all the conditions that you need to satisfy in this guide.

How To Unlock All Traits In For The King 2

There are a total of 8 Traits available to use after you have unlocked it. To unlock it, you will need to perform specific acts as we have mentioned below:

  • Tactician: Unlocked after dealing certain high number of crit or damage. [Effect- Learned Skill Tactics]
  • Nimble: Unlocked after moving 4 or more number of squares in a single turn. [Effect- +1 Secondary Action]
  • Gifted: Unlocked after defeating the Bandit Den in the second area of The Resistance. [Effect- +3 To All Stats]
  • Deep Thinker: Unlocked after using 8+ Focus in a single turn. [Effect- Learned Skill Eureka, +1 Focus]
  • Lucky: Unlocked after finding the Skeleton Key and opening a secret room with it in The Resistance. [Effect- +25 Luck]
  • Eager: Not sure how it was unlocked. [Effect- Learned Skill Eager]
  • Navigator: Not sure how it was unlocked. [Effect- Learned Skill Navigator]
  • Supportive: Unlocked in Chapter 3 after purchasing the boat. [Effect- Learned Skill Support Range]

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