For The King 2- How To Unlock All Skills & What Are Their Effects

For The King 2For The King 2 is a tabletop RPG that has a co-op multiplayer option where players can create a character or two who will have certain special abilities that are active and passive as well. The skills are predetermined to specific classes from the beginning. Which brings the question, how can we unlock the skills and what are all their effects?

How To Unlock All Skills & What Are Their Effects In For The King 2

There is no general way of unlocking skills apart from playing the game from the beginning. As you progress through the game, you will find new items that will grant you access to new abilities, hence you have access to new skills. Most importantly, knowledge and learning how the skills affect the enemy is a game changer. A few abilities will also be unlocked after unlocking the Traits from the Lore Store. The list of all the skills.

  1. Build Scarecrow: Enter the battle with a chance to build a Scarecrow in the front row with Guard.
  2. Called Shot: Increase chances of getting perfect roll when the bow is equipped.
  3. Cheers: Chance to spread the effect of alcohol to nearby players.
  4. Distract: Increase the chance to disrupt enemies’ roll during their attack.
  5. Eager: Increase the chance that you act first in combat.
  6. Elite Ambush: Need a single roll to ambush the solo enemy and two rolls to ambush camps.
  7. Elite Sneak: Allows player to sneak a solo enemy for 2 slots, and 3 slots against enemy camps.
  8. Energy Boost: Chance to get an additional action point after a turn.
  9. Eureka: Fills up the focus bar after leveling up.
  10. Find Alcohol: Chance to obtain Alcohol at the end of a turn or in the dungeon.
  11. Find Herb: Chance to obtain a random Herb at the end of a turn or in the dungeon.
  12. Find Scroll: Chance to obtain a random Scroll at the end of a turn or in the dungeon.
  13. Guard: Blocks the incoming damage to the back line if a character is in the front row equipped with a shield.
  14. Hardwork: Exhaust Focus in combat to get an additional primary action.
  15. Herd: Chance to find a Sheep follower at the end of a turn.
  16. Iron Belly: Negates all the negative effects of alcohol.
  17. Justice: Increase a small chance of dealing splash damage during a perfect strike with a two-handed weapon.
  18. Make Potion: Chance to obtain a random Potion at the end of a turn or in the dungeon.
  19. Navigator: Gain an additional 2 move points at the end of a turn on all boats.
  20. Nice Day: Increase the chance to gain additional overworld movement on a sunny day.
  21. Party Heal: Chance to provide healing to your party during combat, overworld, and at rest.
  22. Refocus: Chance to gain a Focus Point at the end of a turn or in the dungeon.
  23. Scout: Chance to reveal the contents of the next dungeon room.
  24. Smoke Flee: Chance to flee from any tile in combat with one less roll.
  25. Steadfast: Chance to negate incoming damage when a shield is equipped.
  26. Support Range: Can join combat from an additional hex tile away.
  27. Survey: Allows a small chance to discover hidden points of interest.
  28. Tactics: Chance to buff a tile that provides +5 Attack Power.

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