Robocop Rogue City Find Pre-Order & Alex Murphy Edition Items

Robocop Rogue City

In the Robocop Rogue City game, you will be able to change skins only if you pre-ordered the game before launch or have obtained the deluxe edition which is called “The Alex Murphy” edition. Currently, you will only be able to obtain one skin that features the Robocop Damaged Armour from the 1st Robocop movie. Below you will find how to change Robocop and the Auto-9 weapon skins and all skins available.

Robocop Rogue City How To Change Skins?

You can change skins in this game from the main menu. Visit the options from the main menu, then go to the gameplay tab. In the third and fourth rows, you will find the option to change the Robocop and the Auto 9 pistol skin.

Unlike other games where you obtain the pre-order or deluxe edition items after completing the tutorial and inside the game. In this game, the developer has given the option to directly change the skin before entering the game.

This might be confusing for some players, as we also have to search a bit wondering where to find the option to change the skins. Currently, there are two different types of skins available for both the Robocop and the Auto-9 weapon. There are two packs available which are:

  • Vanguard Pack – This pack contains the “Blue Armour” from the movie Robocop 2 skin and “The Pitch Black” version of the auto-9 weapon. These cosmetics will only be available if you have pre-ordered the game before launch.
  • Alex Murphy Edition – This pack is still available and contains “The Damaged Armour” from the 1st RoboCop movie skin and “The Prototype” version of the Auto-9 weapon skin.

By following the brief guide above, you can change the skins by going into the options menu. Check out some more guides on Robocop:

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