For The King 2 All Status Effect And How To Remove Them

For The King 2

“For The King 2” is a strategy role-playing game set in an intriguing fantasy world. In this game, you may encounter various types of negative status effects that can reduce your characters’ stats during battles and increase damage over time. While these status effects may vary in nature, there are different ways to remove them. Below you will find all the status effects and how to remove or cure them.

For The King 2 All Status Effects and How To Remove Them

Dazed – In this state your character will be unable to move and use items. If you have any melee character in the front row, the opponent might push him to the back line and use the dazed status effect on him. Doing this will waste a turn for that character as you will need to get into the frontline by using the move option. This status is removed automatically after one turn.

Stunned – This effect will make your character unusable for a single turn. After skipping a turn the status effect will be removed.

Burn – To remove this effect you need an item called Panax. In this status effect, you will take some damage at the end of each turn.

Entangled – While entangled, you won’t be able to move or deal any physical damage. You can still cast magical damage on opponents. This status effect can make your melee character unusable.

Lightning – In this status effect your character will miss a roll that is required to land an attack or spell. Gets removed after a short duration and you can increase the character focus to counter this effect.

Curse – This status effect will reduce your stats drastically. This status doesn’t go away on its own but needs to be cured. To remove this effect you can use Hag’s Bane, Precious Pearl, or cure the character from a town healer.

Confusion – In this status effect your character will choose the action randomly. To remove this effect you can use the cure ability of your herbalist.

Poison – This status effect will damage your character’s HP every turn, reduce character stats, and affect the roll during combat. To remove the status effect you can use Panax Cure, and Firesilk

Acid – You need to avoid this status effect as soon as possible because acid can melt your best gear and you won’t be able to get it back.

Fear – In this status effect your character may move to the backline or flee from the battle.

Bleed – Your character will be damaged over time during the combat.

Frozen – In this status effect your character will take 25% more damage. You can use Panax or use cure ability to remove this effect.

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