Robocop Rogue City- Too Many Complaints Choice Guide

Robocop Rogue CityIn Robocop Rogue City, there are choices that you need to make which will result in either gaining public trust or upholding the law as a heartless Tin Can. If you are not sure what to do and what will be the consequences of your choices then here’s what you need to know.

Too Many Complaints Choice Guide For Robocop Rogue City

At the beginning, once you get checked for any malfunction; there will be a request from Officer Chessman. Due to the heavy traffic and complaints which the civilians are filing in the police station. RoboCop has yet to save the day again.

After opening the new line, you will be given choices that you need to select. Basically, one of the two options will either result in serving the public trust or upholding the law. The three complaints that you need to hear are:

Dog Lover

  • Upheld Law- (Issue a ticket)
  • Served Public Trust- (Issue a warning)


  • Served Public Trust- You can hope for a reduced sentence.
  • Upheld Law- No, you do not.

Concerned Mother

  • Served Public Trust- Provide me with details.
  • Upheld Law- Come back in 24 hours.

According to this data you can choose either to serve the public trust or uphold the law. For more informative guides on Robocop Rogue City, click on the links that have been mentioned below the description:

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