Robocop Rogue City- Slaughterhouse Safe Code Location

Robocop Rogue CityIn Robocop Rogue City, there are degenerates indulged in performing illegal activities in Old Detroit City. The objectives or mission will lead you to certain areas where you will find a strong safe that holds valuable loot and evidence. To unlock the case, you either need two things, a safe combination code or a Level 6 Engineering Skill to crack the safe. It is unlikely that at the very beginning, you will invest all your hard-earned Level-up points in Engineering skills. Therefore, if you are looking for the safe combination code in the Slaughterhouse, then complete this guide.

Slaughterhouse Safe Code Combination Location In Robocop Rogue City

The main objective “The Search For Soot” requires you to learn about his whereabouts. Make your way to the basement where the swarm of enemies will open fire at the sight of you trespassing in. At the boss’s office, you will find a safe whose combination code will be found in the same room on the calendar.

To get the combination code, you will require a level 2 Deduction Skill. After the huge bust, you will have to find the informant and make your way into the Slaughterhouse eventually. Once you enter the Slaughterhouse, you will find that there are two safes that can be unlocked to confiscate stolen loot.

1st Safe Combination Code Location

The 1st safe is located in the very room where you and Lewis encountered the mob of enemies in the Slaughterhouse. After eliminating everyone, you can climb the stairs to locate the safe. The combination code will be found in the room just below where you find the safe. Use the vision and scan the poster on the wall to reveal the combination code.

2nd Safe Combination Code Location

At the final location where you need to Interrogate Soot, you will find the safe located inside his bedroom. The combination code is located in the same room where you interrogated Soot. On the lower shelf on the right side of the room, you will find the note that contains the combination code i.e. placed next to the speaker.

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