Robocop Rogue City No Stone Unturned Achievement/Trophy

Robocop Rogue City

In Robocop Rogue City, there are 28 achievements/trophies that need to be unlocked to complete the game 100%. Two such achievements that might be missable in the third main quest are “No Stone Unturned” and “I’d Buy That For A Dollar.” Below, you will find a brief guide on how to unlock these achievements easily.

Robocop Rogue City: “No Stone Unturned” – Find A Secret Area Guide

To unlock the “No Stone Unturned” achievement/trophy, you need to discover a hidden button and press it to reveal the secret area. This hidden button is located during the third main quest, “The Search for Soot.” As you progress through this quest and arrive at the arcade in search of its owner, keep an eye out for a prominent “Nuke” neon sign.

To the left of the sign, you’ll notice a grilled gate that can be opened by pressing the button. Move to the right of the Nuke neon sign to find a room occupied by a few enemies. Eliminate these enemies and look for the button on the left side of the desk.

Use your scanner to locate the hidden button, and interact with it to open the gate. Once you press the button, you’ll hear the sound of the gate opening. Return to the gate and explore the items within the secret room.

Inside the room, aside from various stolen goods like a purse, wallet, handbag, and jewelry, you’ll come across an “OCP Training Disk,” consequently unlocking the achievement “I’d Buy That For A Dollar.”

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