Robocop Rogue City Auto 9 Weapon Upgrade Circuit Board Guide

Robocop Rogue City

In Robocop Rogue City, your default gun, the Auto 9, is the only weapon that can be upgraded by using the Omni Boards. These boards boost the stats of the weapon by using chips on them. Different boards provide different bonuses. In these boards, you can find green, red, and yellow nodes. Green nodes provide a basic stats boost, yellow nodes provide a special boost to your weapon, and you should always avoid powering up the red nodes. Below, you will find a brief guide on how the Auto 9 weapon upgrade system works.

Robocop Rogue City Auto 9 Weapon Upgrade Circuit Board Guide

While playing the game, you will find various Omni Boards as collectibles by completing quests or inside chests. In these boards, you can use chips to upgrade your Auto 9 weapon. In the Auto 9 menu, you can find these boards where you need to install chips to flow the power, and that grants your Auto 9 weapon stats boost.

The chips can also be obtained by completing missions or inside the chest. These chips can have a maximum of four openings on each side or a minimum of two. In an Omni Board, you can find power outputs that will be marked as a triangle with a thunder sign in the middle. The Omni Board will also have some red nodes that you need to avoid powering up.

To power up a node simply place the chip with an opening that will help the flow of the power to other nodes while avoiding the red nodes. Some of the nodes will also boost your stats depending on the % written on the chips. You can merge the low % age chips together to get a better % of chips but refrain from doing that at the beginning of the game.

On the right side of the screen, you can find the stats boost you can obtain by completing the Omni Board with the chips. Do not put a chip with an opening that will flow the power to the red node your stats will be decreased.

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