Robocop Rogue City All Serve & Protect 2 Locations In Downtown

Robocop Rogue City

In Robocop Rogue City, players engage in the “Serve and Protect” mission, a task that entails finding and addressing citizens who violate city regulations. This involves a thorough search of the Downtown area for six rule-breaking incidents. Using a scanning feature, players can identify the specific laws being infringed. They can then issue tickets to maintain law points or give warnings to build public trust. Below you will find all 6 rule violation locations to complete the quest “Serve and Protect 2”

Robocop Rogue City All Serve & Protect 2 Locations

  • Located on the west side of Downtown, as indicated in the image, a person is seen dipping their feet into the fountain water. Interact with them, issuing a warning for bathing in the city fountain. Scan the nearby “no swimming” poster to confirm the violation.
  • In the second spot, you’ll need to climb a building using a ladder. On the roof, an individual is observed discarding documents. Scan the documents nearby to identify the violation and engage with them to resolve the issue.
  • Moving to the third location, situated on the north side of Downtown, an individual is spotted defacing campaign posters. Scan the poster to uncover the violation, then interact with the person, choosing to issue a warning or a ticket.
  • Towards the southeast side of the map, in the fourth location, someone is smoking near a gas station. Scan the “no-smoking” sign to confirm the smoking violation in close proximity to a gas station.
  • At the fifth location, a truck is parked next to a “no-parking” sign. Scan the signboard to confirm the violation and proceed to issue a ticket to the car’s windshield.
  • In the sixth and final location, a car is parked next to a fire hydrant. Scan the fire hydrant to confirm the obstruction violation and issue a ticket to the car’s windshield to complete the quest successfully.

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