Robocop Rogue City All Serve & Protect 1 Location In Downtown

Robocop Rogue City

In Robocop Rogue City, the “Serve and Protect” mission is a miscellaneous quest that requires you to locate citizens who are violating rules. Your task involves scouring the Downtown area for six instances of rule-breaking to successfully finish the quest. To identify these violations, you can utilize a scanning feature on nearby objects, which will reveal the specific law being broken. Subsequently, you have the option to either issue tickets, thereby upholding law points or give warnings, thus gaining public trust points.

Robocop Rogue City All Serve & Protect 1 Location

Listed below are the six locations in Downtown that must be visited to complete the Serve and Protect 1 mission.

  • In the first location, you will come across a person engaged in an argument while standing next to a fallen shopping cart and scattered items. Interact with the individual and issue a warning.
  • Moving to the second location, you will find a truck leaking hazardous oil. Use the scanning feature to analyze the oil and then issue a ticket that can be affixed to the vehicle’s windshield.
  • On the west side of the Downtown area, at the third location, there will be an individual discarding trash while sitting on a bench. Interact with this person to provide a warning and deter them from violating any rules.
  • As depicted in the image, towards the east side of the map in the fourth location, you will notice an individual seated on a sofa and drinking. By scanning the bottles in close proximity, you will confirm that this person is indeed violating rules by consuming alcohol in a public space. Depending on the situation, you can choose to issue a ticket or administer a warning to resolve the crime.
  • In the fifth location, as marked on the image, there will be a black car parked alongside a fire hydrant. Employ the scanning feature to inspect the fire hydrant and then issue a parking ticket that should be placed on the car’s windshield.
  • Lastly, at the final sixth location, you will encounter a car parked adjacent to an expired parking meter. Use the scanning feature to confirm the meter’s expiration and subsequently issue a ticket to the vehicle parked beside it, thereby completing the quest.

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