Robocop Rogue City All Serve And Protect 3 Locations

Robocop Rogue City

In Robocop Rogue City your job is to make sure everyone follows the rules. You’ll search the Downtown area for rule-breakers. Use the scanning feature to know what rules they’re breaking. Then you can give them tickets to keep the law intact or give warnings to make people trust you more. Check out the six rule-breaking spots below to finish the “Serve and Protect 3” mission. Can you keep the city safe and sound?

In the final “Serve and Protect 3” miscellaneous quest, you need to find three violations in Downtown to complete it. Finding these three locations will be quite easy, and you can complete the quest in no time by following the guide below.

Robocop Rogue City All Serve And Protect 3 Locations

To find the first violation you need to visit the southern part of the Downtown area as shown in the image above. There you will find a car beside a fire hydrant. You can find the car beside a pillar and a few barricades. Scan the fire hydrant to find the violation which will be “Obstruction of a fire hydrant”. After that, you can issue a ticket and place it on the car windshield.

The second violation can be found on the southwest side of the Downtown as marked in the image above. In that area, you can find a drunk man sitting on the bench. You need to scan the bottles near the drunk man to find the violation that will be “Drinking In Public”. You can either issue a ticket or give him a warning to resolve the violation.

The third and final violation can be found in the middle area of Downtown. Check out the image above to find the exact location. There you will find a car with hazardous oil spillage. You need to scan the spilled oil to find the violation and issue a ticket to complete the quest.

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