Robocop Rogue City- All Ending Choices Guide

Robocop Rogue CityRobocop Rogue City is a first-person shooter game where even minor choices will affect the ending. From the beginning, you have the choice to either serve the public trust or uphold the law without any remorse. This will affect the relationship of your colleagues and the main key figures that will be involved in the final ending. If you want to learn more about the Ending Choices and how to achieve a Good/Bad Ending then complete this guide.

All Ending Choices In Robocop City Rogue

At the final stage of the game where you have to fight against the “Old Man“, you will be given three major options that will reflect your true intentions. However, the ending will also depend on how you have maintained the relationship between Pickles, Dr. Olivia Blanche, Samantha Ortiz, Ulysses Washington, and Mayor Kuzak. You will need to attain the best possible relationship with these key figures which will shape the ending. However,  coming back to the final scene there are choices i.e.:

  • Save him [Good Ending]

If you select this option and try to save the “Old Man” despite that the building is going to collapse soon. The huge and small debris will start falling and as Old Man is free to act anyways, he will notice that a huge debris is going to fall on RoboCop. The Old Man will jump and save Robocop’s life repaying the favor.

  • Leave him to die [Bad Ending]

This option will leave “Old Man” stuck under the huge weight of the debris. He will cry or shout for help but as a cold machine, you will walk away and the falling debris will end Old Man’s life.

  • Kill him [Bad Ending]

Selecting this option will let you kill the “Old Man“. Robocop will pull out the rod from the platform and pin Old Man’s hand on the ground. Next, he will pull out the wires ultimately ending the Old Man.

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