The Finals Best Weapons For Each Class

The Finals

The Finals is a fast-paced first-person shooter game where you battle against multiple teams. There are three classes you can choose from and each class has a different set of weapon loadouts. The best weapons in the game depend on the class you are playing. Below you will find some of the best weapons you can use for each contestant.

The Finals Best Weapons

Best Weapons Light Contestant

The M11 stands out as the top-tier submachine gun to wield when playing as the light contestant. This weapon is readily available and unlocked by default. With a magazine capacity of 40 rounds, it boasts the shortest reload time of merely 1.7 seconds within its submachine gun class.

The V9S is a semi-automatic pistol capable of dealing significant damage in close combat encounters. Among all the weapons, it boasts the fastest reload speed of 1.3 seconds. With minimal recoil, you can effectively utilize all 24 bullets to eliminate your opponent.

Best Weapons Medium Contestant

The AKM stands as one of the optimal weapons for the medium contestant, particularly useful in midrange and long-range confrontations. While it exhibits some recoil when fired rapidly, aiming for headshots is crucial for maximizing damage. This weapon comes with a clip size of 36 and a reload time of 2.3 seconds, proving highly effective against light and medium contestant enemies.

The CL-40, a grenade launcher, serves as a valuable asset for teams camping in the cashout area. By launching grenades, you can inflict area damage and disrupt the opposing team’s campsite. While effective in close-range combat and campsite clearance, its efficacy may diminish in medium to long-range battles. This weapon has a clip size of 4 and a reload time of 2.3 seconds.

Best Weapons Heavy Contestant

For heavy contestants, the sledgehammer reigns supreme, capable of altering the course of battle. With this tool, you can demolish any wall and deliver devastating close combat damage. Furthermore, you can opt for a primary gun within the heavy class. The M60 serves as an excellent option for inflicting long-range damage, while the Flamethrower is perfect for short-range assaults. Notably, the Flamethrower can also be employed to incinerate the goo and safeguard the cashout area.

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