Anime Fighting Simulator X- How To Get Candy Corns Fast

Anime Fighting Simulator XIn Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator X, the new Halloween Update has introduced tons of accessories and champions that can be accessed through Candy Corns. Hence, players are looking for methods to farm and get Candy Corns as fast as they can. Therefore without any further ado, let’s hop into the game and practice all these methods as mentioned in this guide.

How To Get Candy Corns Fast In Anime Fighting Simulator X

Generally, there are 3 ways in which you can obtain and farm Candy Corns. These are listed below:

  • Defeat Hollow Knight (Boss)
  • Defeat Elite Enemies (Glowing Red aura on enemies)
  • Opening Chests

By repeating and eliminating Hollow Knight as well as Elite Enemies, you can farm Candy Corns. However, there is a way in which you can choose to go AFK or spam a single button to farm 800+ Candy Corns easily.

You will need to go to certain areas where mob spawns and position yourself in such a way that your ability or attack will reach all the thugs. Select the Fruits or Bankai that have wide AOE which are mentioned below:

  • Using Buddha Fruit, perform Heavy Impact.
  • Using Gura Fruit, perform Tsunami.
  • Use Senbonzakura Bankai, perform Senbon Massacre.

To AFK farm there is a tool or app TinyTask that can be used. Records a button i.e. whatever button is assigned to perform the mentioned moves and plays it which will automatically play in a loop to perform the move when the cooldown is completed.

The favorable location for the AFK farm is near the main town, however, it is also an area where new players grind and complete tasks. So, it’s better to find other areas where Mobs can be found in groups and go AFK for a long time.

For more informative guides on Anime Fighting Simulator X, check the link i.e. mentioned below the description:

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