Alan Wake 2- How To Get Boltcutters

Alan Wake 2Alan Wake 2 is a survival horror game where you will embark on the journey with Saga Anderson and Alan Wake i.e. intertwined together even if they are on separate realities. To explore and solve the case as Anderson, you will need access to all the rooms and collect all the tiny bit of information. One of the key items or tools required to unlock certain areas i.e. blocked by heavy-duty chains would be Boltcutters. Apparently, it’s found or obtained not from the very beginning!

How To Get Boltcutters In Alan Wake 2

While following Saga Anderson’s story, you will have to enter the Overlap at Valhalla Nursing Home in Chapter 5: Old Gods. Explore and you will eventually come across a generator that needs to be powered up. Once the power has been supplied to the switch, you can operate it and access the path ahead.

Running through the loop, advance through the ankle-deep water, and climb through the stairs. Next, you will find a cabinet that holds a Boltcutter that can be obtained.

To get the Boltcutter, change the reality by flipping the power and searching the drawer for a Tool Cabinet Key. This key will unlock the file cabinet where Boltcutter is locked behind. Collect the boltcutter and now no chain can block your path.

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