Alan Wake 2 Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Cauldron Lake Solution

Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2 Cauldron Lake map you will find five Nursery Rhyme. To solve these puzzles, you will need the miniature dolls. Obtain the dolls in the correct order to solve the Rhymes. If you miss collecting a doll, you won’t be able to solve the Nursery Rhymes at the later part of the game. After solving a Riddle by placing the dolls on the picture, pick them up. Below you will find the location of all four Nursery Rhyme in Cauldron Lake and how to solve them.

Alan Wake 2 All Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Solution

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme 1

After crossing the bridge on the left side you will find a table and bench with a camera. On the ground, you can find a poem with pictures drawn beside them. On top of the table, you will find a crow doll that you need to pick up and place on the picture of the sun drawn on the ground. After doing so, you will solve the riddle and can find the reward on the table that you need to pick up by interacting with it.

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme 2

For the second puzzle, you need to visit the Watchfinders Station. Get inside the house, and go upstairs. On the right side, you will find a playpen and beside it, you will find two hero and wolf dolls.

Now go outside the house and you will find the second riddle as marked in the image above. Place the hero doll on the boat picture and the wolf doll on the tree picture. Beside the riddle on the ground, you will find the reward.

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme 3

Outside the private cabin save point, you will find the third Nursery Rhyme Riddle. To solve this riddle you will need three dolls a crow, a hero, and a wolf. You need to place the hero doll on the heart, the wolf doll on the house, and the crow doll on the broken egg with a chick. Follow the crow and wolf sounds and go towards the pond to find a charm near the broken miniature house.

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme 4

In one of the rental cabins, as marked in the image above, you will find the fourth riddle. To solve this riddle, you will need to place the monster doll on the egg with the chick, the crow doll on the eye, and the hero doll on the jewelry. Visit another cabin just opposite the one where you found the riddle. There you will find an enemy that you need to defeat and beside the TV you will find the reward.

Cauldron Lake Nursery Rhyme 5

The final Nursery Rhyme of Cauldron Lake can be found in the Watchfinders Station. In the ground floor bedroom place the hero doll on the sun drawing. In the kitchen area place the mother doll on the heart drawing. You will find the eye drawing in the hall area where you need to place the father doll.

In the upstairs playpen area place the child doll on the egg with the chick drawing. In the upstairs bathroom place the trickster doll on the waves drawing to complete the riddle. Go downstairs interact with the radio and you will obtain the reward.

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