Alan Wake 2 Crossbow, Gift Shop & Shotgun Code Solution

Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, you will start the game with only a pistol and to defeat the cultists you will need better weapons. These weapons can be found inside locked stashs that you need to unlock by finding the codes. Each box or safe requires a 3-digit code to open and the hint can be found near the boxes. Below you will find the location, hint, and code of the crossbow, shotgun, and trailer park keys.

Alan Wake 2 Crossbow Code

After crossing the gift shop in the Watery area, you will come across a Cult stash containing the crossbow. The location of the crossbow stash is shown in the image above. To find the crossbow code, you need to look at the numbers marked on the right side of the stash.

The number 5 will have a single arrow, number 2 will have 2 arrows and number 7 will have three arrows. So the code to the crossbow stash is 527.

Gift Shop Code & Where To Find It

Inside the Coffee World gift shop, you will find a safe that requires a 3-digit code to open. The hint to open the case is Tracker, Lookout, and Cleaner. Some players might get confused by the hint, but the answer lies in the notice board on the left side wall.

There you can find pictures of employee and their roles. You need to find the employee that fits these three criteria and their position. Tracker can be Susan who is specialized in lost and found. The lookout will be Joonas as his role is security and the Cleaner will be Victor who works as a janitor. Their pictures are arranged in 1-4-6 position, so the code to the gift shop safe is 146. Inside the safe, you will find the trailer park keys.

Shotgun Gun

Once you reach the Cauldron Lake area, visit the general store. When you visit the store for the first time from the left side a cultist will attack you by breaking the wall. Kill the cultist and enter the room from the broken wall. Inside you will find the shotgun showcased on the wall inside a glass case.

To open the glass case, you must use a 3-digit code to open the lock. On the glass case, you can find a small note that will hint you to check the counter for the code. Visit the counter and on the top, you can find a notepad with the updated code written on it. The code to open the shotgun glass case is 739.

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