Super Mario Bros Wonder Search Party Puzzling Park Guide

Super Mario Bros Wonder is a platform game from one of the favorite franchises of players called Mario developed by Nintendo. In this game, you will come across some stages where you need to find hidden wonder tokens. After finding all the tokens you will obtain a wonder seed. Below you will find all the wonder tokens’ locations and how to get them.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Search Party Puzzling Park Guide

To find the first token once you start the level, go towards the right and you will find a bridge. You need to jump on that bridge to locate all the hidden blocks. You will find one more hidden block on the top of the blocks that you can climb to reach the first wonder token.

For the second wonder token, go towards the right and use the pipe that will be upside down. Using this pipe will take your character to the background. Check out the image above from where you will come out of the pipe in the background. There you will find the second wonder token.

The third wonder token will be hidden at a higher location and to reach it you can jump from a platform where the upside-down pipe was and use the parachute cap otherwise, you can hit the block shown in the image above to grow a plant. Climb the plant and you will find the third wonder token.

To find the fourth token you need to go to the bottom area where a lot of pipes are located. Go towards the leftmost pipe and you need to push it towards the right side a bit. Keep the pipe between two pillars as shown in the image above, climb onto the pipe, and hit a hidden block for the fourth wonder token.

In the bottom area right side you will find a hole. You need to jump down the hole to find the final wonder token. If you are playing with a friend or party for 4, the host must jump down the hole as shown in the image above. If any other player jumps down apart from the host, you will die.

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